EZDash with Google Map integration

We have added a new integration with Google Maps to our EZDash solution.  This Babson EZDash integration simply shows the number of work request by building around campus.  Check it out... … Read More

Display More Than 10 Rows of Asset Specifications

The Maximo default display of 10 can be changed to allow the Asset application's Specifications table window to show more rows to the user without having to scroll. Go to Configuration | Application Designer In the Application field enter ASSET and … Read More

Change the Default Behavior of the New Row Button

If the user presses the Enter key instead of the Tab key during data entry a new row gets created. The user desires that either the Enter key or the Tab key be designated for use during data entry to move to the next field. The default behavior of … Read More

Use Maximo with a multi tabbed browser like IE8

Maximo 6.2.5 introduces the support for Internet Explorer 8 and contains a built in functionality that allows Maximo to work well with multi tabbing in IE8. It is supported from 6.2.5 onwards, as well as all for all Maximo 7.x versions. (Note: … Read More

Energy consumption dashboard

Watch the demo! A web based dashboard that seamlessly interacts with your Maximo maintenance management system. EZEnergyDash provides real time interactive graphs and charts for use by staff to monitor and manage and view energy consumption. … Read More

Change canvas size in workflow designer

If you have used the workflow designer, you know as much as anyone that the canvas size is too small to be really useful.  Here is a tip to make that workflow canvas size bigger. … Read More

Maximo search methodologies

Using Maximo to search for workorders, for example, can sometimes be a task in and of itself.  So the question here is how does Maximo search for records in the database and what is the best configuration for performing searches?  The article from … Read More

An improved Maximo Assignment Manager

If you have used the built in Maximo Assignment Manager module, you probably wanted to pick up your computer and throw it out the window. In my opinion, the assignment manager module and far from being user friendly and all it's meant to do is … Read More

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