Send email notification for SR

Here is a nice visual tutorial from IBM showing you how to send emails to the owner of the SR group when certainly conditions are met using a workflow.  [IBM Support] … Read More

Work order operations are now tasks – FAQ

Here is an explanation from IBM about how Maximo handles work orders, work order hierarchies, and work order operations [via IBM Support] From the user's perspective, very little has changed in the existing work order functionality between Maximo 4 … Read More

WebCast: Maximo Report Strategy, Upgrades and Questions

This STE will cover: - Understand Maximo's Reporting Options - Understand the benefits of each option, and how they can be applied in your unique environment - Review Maximo's Open Reporting Architecture and Options - Detail Report Upgrade … Read More

Add custom modules to the main Go To menu

As some of you may know, the only way you can add new modules in Maximo is to duplicate an application such as Work Order Tracking from within Application Designer in order for it to show up in the 'Go To' drop down menu.  But it doesn't really show … Read More

Creating a result set query in Maximo

At the heart of every start center in Maximo is the result set. This is a user defined query that you can create and save on any object you want from within Maximo. You can create a query to return a list of workorders, assets, locations, etc. … Read More

Working with the Bulletin Board in Maximo

The Bulletin Board application is used to create and view messages, in an electronic board, regarding critical problems and incidents. It is also used to broadcast information throughout your organization. When creating a bulletin board message, … Read More

Fixing Maximo 6 navigation menus in IE8

Early versions of Maximo 6 don't support IE 8 and with Microsoft pushing it on us, it's hard to ignore it.  To fix the navigation issue in IE 8, follow these steps: Go to this directory: Maximo/applications/maximo/maximouiweb/webmodule/ … Read More

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