Understanding Maximo URL parameters

With Maximo URL's, you can link directly to a work order from an external application, but Maximo URL's are much more powerful than that.  Here is a complete round up of posts from IBM and Bruno to help you understand all the attributes available to … Read More

Import labor codes with Maximo Integration Framework

Once you have imported users into Maximo, the next step is to import labor codes.  This is a simple tutorial that will show how  import labor codes into Maximo with the Integration Framework.  If you are migrating users from one Maximo system to … Read More

Import users security groups with MIF

I have previously shown you how to import users so this tutorial will show you how to import data via interface tables and set the users security groups.  You will be able to set a users security group to defaults such as EVERYONE, DEFLTREG and even … Read More

Create a new application in Maximo

In this tutorial, I will show you what are the basic steps to creating a new application within Maximo.  This tutorial won't go into details about custom java class but it will show you what you need to do to add a new application.  For simplicity … Read More

Get database specific date formats for MBO queries

One of the biggest challenges of using MBO's are queries that use date ranges or date values in general.  This is because any user can be connected to an Oracle, SQL Server or DB2 instance and they all use dates differently.  There is a class called … Read More

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