Creating web services with the Integration Framework

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Along with the many other ways to insert and retrieve data, you can create and deploy web services to be integration with third party tools, just like our workorder assignment module that allows you to quickly batch assign workorders to your labor … Read More

Setup query/response web service for Maximo 6

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This tutorial will walk you through setting up a query/response web service in Maximo 6. A query/response web service is useful when you want to an external system such as a SharePoint server to query Maximo data, such as work order information, and … Read More

ScreenCast: Invoke Maximo 6 Query/Response Web Service

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This year I have made a new resolution to create some more great screencasts and how to videos for you guys. Hopefully this is a start to a great new year. This screencast video will show you how to consume Maximo 6 query/response web services … Read More

Query Maximo ASSET web service from .NET

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Here is sample code for you to download to see how to query data from Maximo web services. In this example, it shows how to query assets and the different options you can use to do just that. This sample code provided below works with Maximo 7. … Read More