Why doesn’t Labor Reporting Advanced Search STARTDATE field doesn’t work in Maximo 7.6?

You may not have noticed this in Maximo 7.6 but in the Labor Reporting application, in the Advanced Search dialog, the Start/Finish dates don’t actually work as expected.  This is clearly a bug in Maximo, but why is it?

There is a big change in Maximo 7.6 regarding the STARTDATE, STARTTIME, FINSIHDATE, and FINISHTIME attributes on the LABTRANS object.  Those fields are now non-persistent fields!  The reason you didn’t notice is because IBM changed the implementation behind the scenes on how theses fields now work.  You can use the STARTDATE attribute in application designer and everything should still work the same prior to Maximo 7.6.  But the advanced search doesn’t work.  There are other fields to switch them to, but I’m not sure if it would work.

As a developer, this is an interesting and important change to be aware of moving forward with any new Maximo implementation.

For more info on this… read this.

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