MEA web services do not automatically deploy after application restart

I have been playing around with Maximo 6 MEA web services a lot lately and I recently realized something strange.  If you restart the application server, the web services no longer work or aren’t available for use, even though the “deployed as web service” checkbox is checked in your interface.  This could be a potential problem when integrating with 3rd party applications such as our very own WebAssign add-on module.   I played around with web services in Maximo 7 and the web services do work after an application restart, so I did some quick research and realized it’s an easy fix.

There is an IBM support ticket out there already for this and for WebSphere the fix is this:

A generic JVM argument is required to be set for the JVM to automatically redeploy the web services after the application server is restarted.

In the WebSphere console, navigate to your application server instance.
On the right side of the screen select “Java and Process Management”
Then, select “Process Definition”
Under additional properties, select “Java Virtual Machine”
In the “Generic JVM Arguments” field, add the following parameter:


Restart the application server.

If you require a fix for WebLogic, then you can read the whole support article here.

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2 thoughts on “MEA web services do not automatically deploy after application restart

  1. is this a matter of maximo version or websphere version?
    I have developed an interface with a customer’s ticketing system, and imho the webservice in Maximo is active after restarting the app server.
    I have websphere ND, Maximo 6.2.2 with LA 41.

    1. Well, that is a good question. I know this is mainly for Maximo 6. I have also seen it started sometimes even without this fix. I guess this is to make sure that it gets started every time you restart the Maximo application.

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