Idle sessions are not removed from MAXSESSION

Idle sessions are not removed after the timeout specified in the web.xml from the MAXSESSION table

Many sessions build up in the MAXSESSION table

This is due to session fail over being enabled on the Websphere side.

Resolving the problem
To disable session fail over follow the steps below

1) In the left frame select Servers> Application Servers
2) Then in the right frame select the server Maximo is running on
3) Then select session management
4) Then select Distributed environment settings
5) Then under Distributed sessions select None
6) Restart the application server

Once this is done you should no longer see these idle sessions building up in the MAXSESSION table after they should of timed out. [IBM Support]

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3 thoughts on “Idle sessions are not removed from MAXSESSION

    1. We are having the same issue but with weblogic 8. This issue did not exist until we upgraded Maximo from 6.2.0 to 6.2.6
      Anyone know a fix for this.

      We are on:
      Maximo 6.2.6
      Weblogic 8
      SQL 2005


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