Automatic restart of Maximo application server within WebSphere

Back in the Maximo 6.2  and even in Maximo 7.1 days, when you installed Maximo within WebSphere on Windows Server, to automatically start the MXServer, you had to install and configure a windows service.  There is already a windows service for the cell manager and the node and if you physically rebooted the server, only those two services would start up.  You would have to manually start the MXServer or install another windows service.

Now, gone are the days of windows services.  You can now automatically restart the MXServer with just a simple change within WebSphere.

To configure:

Login to WebSphere and click on the server you want to automatically start such as MXServer.  On the right side, click on “Monitoring Policy” and under the “Node restart state”, select the option for “RUNNING”.  Save your changes and apply.

This also applies to Primavera API server if you have that installed.  [IBM Support]

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