Working with the Performance Monitoring tool in Maximo 7

I have already shown how to enable the performance monitoring tool in Maximo 7 but working with it is a different story.  Here is how to view the statistics of the performance monitoring tool.

Open up the Maximo application in a web browser and proceed to the portion of the application that you wish to monitor.

E.g. http://localhost:7001/maximo/webclient/login/login.jsp

In a separate browser session, open the URL

E.g. http://localhost:7001/maximo/webclient/utility/profiler/PerfMon.jsp

(Substitute the name of the host and port on which the Maximo system is installed) If it is clusterred environment, substitute each port of the cluster with above link. It can only grab the output from the port that is currently connected to.

Please be aware that PERFMON should not be used in production environment unless a special JVM is setup. PERFMON can cause out of memory errors as the data is never cleared from the cache so the cache can fill up.

To enable PERFMON, follow the instructions in the tech note

[Via IBM Support]

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