What is a Service Group in Maximo and how is it used?

Is there a specific use for the Service Group application?

You would use the Service Groups application to define all the services that you provide or procure. You create a service group for each type of service that you define.

– Group tickets, work orders, and contracts by service group or individual service.

– Create service level agreements for a service group or for a combination of service group and

– Associate a specific asset, asset type, or location with a service or service group.


Create a Service Group for FACILITIES which could includes these types of services:

Mail room

So you can manage services by associating assets/Locations with specific services and service groups in your organization.


If you have a requirement for the above services (cleaning, mail room, security, repairs,etc) to have an association with the assets that are part of an office (Location)

Assets could be:

Laser Printer
Fire Extinguisher

You can create a Service Group called FACILITY which would have Services such as Security, mail room, etc… you can then associate it to an asset/location. [IBM Support]

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