Use Maximo with a multi tabbed browser like IE8

Maximo 6.2.5 introduces the support for Internet Explorer 8 and contains a built in functionality that allows Maximo to work well with multi tabbing in IE8.
It is supported from 6.2.5 onwards, as well as all for all Maximo 7.x versions.

(Note: IE7 was not supported for multi tabbing up to Maximo version 6.2.2; however, a fix was provided for tabbing that involved settings to be activated in the file.)

There are various ways how to open a new tab in IE8 when using multitabbing as follows:

1) Select “New Tab” from the File menu
2) Shortcut command Control-T.
3) Open the IE 8 with the option nomerge e.g. “iexplore.exe -nomerge”.

A new IE 8 will be opened and you can log into a NEW session.
Opening a new tab ensures that the sessions in the different browsers are distinct from each other. [via IBM Support]

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