Preventive Maintenance Reduces Energy Consumption

A recent survey conducted by the New Buildings Institute found that 72 percent of the RTU surveyed had deficiencies; including refrigerant charge problems, leak or flat fully discharged circuits, dirty condensing coils and condensing air flow and refrigerant restrictions. Adjustments were recommended in 42 percent of the units.

Refrigerant Charge

46 percent of the units tested were found to be out of range. Estimated energy savings associated with correcting the refrigerant range from 5 to 11 percent of cooling energy.


Economizer problems were found in 64 percent of the units. 30 percent of the units had failed economizers and 50 percent of the unit needed change over temperature settings. Estimated savings associated with repairing a failed economizer range from 14 to 40 percent for these units.


The airflow was found to be a problem in 42 percent of the units. Estimated energy savings associated with correcting out of range air flow was on average 10 percent cooling energy for these units.


Problems were found in 58 percent of the thermostats. Savings from thermostats were up to 40 percent.


Sensor failures or calibration errors were reported in 20 percent of all units. Although, varying widely  energy  savings can be substantial.

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