Poor Man Scheduling


  1. There are many ways to “schedule work”. Smaller organizations however sometimes need simpler methods. This particular technique allows one to quickly see (-by work order count-) who is over-loaded (or not).
  2. This is done by assigning an owner to the work order. The Select Owner dialog shows the Person id, Shift and count of “open work orders” (not COMP).
  3. Definition: “open work” is all work which is not COMP, CLOSE, CAN.
  4. You have a Person Group called MAINT which holds all the maintenance staff/workers.
  5. You might have a business rule that says… all emergency/urgent work needs to be dispatched via the Ownership process by the maintenance technician (or planner/scheduler, or supervisor). For all other work, the same assignment process applies once the work has been scheduled and issued.
  6. Calendars need to exist. And different shifts would have different names. Note: you only need ‘generic company’ calendar which is linked to each person.
  7. The only way to assign ownership on the work order record is to use the ICONs (or Select Action).
  8. From the above screen you can see all of the staff and the count of work orders, and the shift they are under.
  9. You can also see Work Order History (which includes STATUS history plus WONERSHIP history).

Lastly, you could create a Start Center result Set showing all priority work which is not yet assigned an owner. Under Work Order Tracking, make a result set query called PRI-NO-OWNER.

where WOPRIORITY in (1,2) and STATUS not in (‘CAN’,’COMP’,’CLOSE’) and WONUM not in (select distinct(WONUM) from WOOWNERHISTORY where OWNER is not NULL)

Dialog box screen shot
Dialog box screen shot


OWNER-scheduling 2

OWNER-scheduling 3

OWNER-scheduling 4

OWNER-scheduling 5


Series Navigation< Work Order Completions and Feedback ProcessUtilizing a field called SITEVISIT >

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