Modify Maximo login page text and images with MaxMessages

Over the years, I have seen many Maximo instances where the client changes the login page to show whether it is a production environment or a test environment by customizing the login.jsp page as need.  Some even add their own images such as their company logo.  Well, in Maximo 7, you no longer have to modify the login.jsp file if you don’t want to.  You can manage the text on the login page with MaxMessages.

First, go into the Database Configuration module.  Go to Select Action -> Messages.  Filter the message group and search for ‘login’.  You will see 15 messages that pertain to the login page.  You can change any value you want.  Let’s go ahead and change the Maximo default welcome message.  Look for the ‘welcomemaximomessage’ key.  If your Maximo is a production instance, let’s change this to “Welcome to Maximo Production Environment”.  Click OK, and log out.  There is no need to apply any configuration changes.  You should now see the welcome text is now different.

Only great thing, is you can also put HTML into the messages.  So let’s change the welcome message again to “Welcome to Maximo <b><font color=’red’>Production</font></b> Environment”.  You should now see the red color font and bold text.

Now let’s, say that you don’t like the Tivoli Software logo at the top left corner of the page and you want to change that to your company logo instead.  To do this, you can simply just overwrite the image with your company logo, but keep the same name.  The file you want to overwrite is called “loginLogo_TivoliSoftware.gif” which can be found in “[maximo root]/applications/maximo/maximouiweb/webmodule/webclient/login/images”.  You will need to rebuild and deploy ears as well.

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27 thoughts on “Modify Maximo login page text and images with MaxMessages

  1. Hi,

    I copied company logo to directory and renamed it to match existing Tivoli image. I rebuilt EAR and deployed, but Tivoli logo still exists… Is there any other step? Maximo


  2. This tip is great, but what if I want to have the environment name on all the pages? Is there a maxmessage value that controls the display of the application name in the top left corner? I was thinking I could have something like “Work Order Tracking —-TRAINING ENVIRONMENT”

  3. The only issue is that the ‘welcomemaximomessage’ key is also used in the tag of login.jsp which does not render html so you would see (“Welcome to Maximo Production Environment”) at the top of your browser. To work around this, I created a new message in Messages with message key ‘maxenvironment’ and value of ‘Development’ in this case, then added a new element to the labelList string array in login.jsp called ‘maxenvironment’ just for the title tag so we’re free to use any markup for the welcomemaximomessage message key value.

  4. When I update the login text with a db script, the text is not updated unless the system is restarted. Is there any way to get it to update immediately?

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