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OK let’s face it, we all know we don’t like the new default skin for Maximo 7.5 because it looks cartoon-ish but there is a way for you to change it back to the classic version.  You can also change it globally in your file.  But did you know there is another skin for Maximo Everyplace?

Maximo 7.5 also has a secret skin called “mobile”.  You can use this skin for your iPad or iPhone.  This is basically Maximo Everyplace but without the $800 per user license fee.  You can use this for any module you want.  Of course it may not fit your business practices in terms of mobile use, but at least the buttons are more finger friendly that the default Maximo 7.5 skin or even the classic skin.

Even though you can access Maximo on your iPad, it’s not just about being able to see the Work Order Tracking module on a mobile device and think that your organization has “gone mobile”.  The real reason any organization to go mobile is to streamline your business practices and to make your end users, or technicians out in the field, jobs easier, not more difficult.  In my experiences, technicians are great at what they do but aren’t technically savvy.  They can build you a tree house with their bare hands but can’t enter labor hours into Maximo because it’s too confusing.  Why make your technicians spend hours in training on how to use a mobile solution when the solution should be designed for ease of use in the first place to fit your business.  You shouldn’t have to restructure your business practices around your mobile solution.  Your mobile solution should fit your business and more importantly, make your practices much more simpler and streamlined.  That’s the whole point of “going mobile” which is the big trend this year.

I have talked to many people who have bought Everyplace and aren’t happy with it, so think twice about the mobile solution and how it fits your business needs before you purchase.  It doesn’t matter if you like EZMaxMobile or not, if it doesn’t fit your business, don’t buy it!

Did You Know...

As Maximo Experts, we have developed several add-on products for Maximo that mobilize the work force, simplifies assignments, provides ad-hoc reporting capabilities and facilitates the seamless integration of Service Requests into Maximo.

Check out our products by clicking on the following links: EZMaxMobile, EZMaxPlanner and EZMaxRequest.

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      1. I’ve installed this app from appstore, but it’s like Safari brauser.
        Can I use EZMaxMobile full functionality if I don’t have a server engine provided by InterPro Solutions, LLC?

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