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As a developer, I am a big fan of keyboard shortcuts.  Anything to save time is a good thing.  So here is a list of Maximo keyboard shortcuts that could help save you some time.  There are many more keyboard shortcuts that aren’t mentioned here so if you happen to know some, please leave a comment and I can gradually add it this list.

General Navigation
Move from one interface element to the next. Tab key
Select buttons, links, and menu options. Enter key
Select or clear a check box. Spacebar
Display field help for field in focus Alt + F1
Expand the Help menu Alt + l (lower case “L”)
Global NavigationNOTE: The shortcut highlights the link, you must click the Enter key to activate it
Bulletins Alt + B
Go To Alt + G
Reports Alt + R
Start Center Alt + C
Profile Alt + P
Sign Out Alt + S
Help Alt + H
Return Alt + R
Return with Value Alt + W
Toolbar Buttons
Insert New Record Ctrl + Alt + I
Save Record Ctrl + Alt + S
Clear changes Ctrl + Alt + C
Previous Record Ctrl + Alt + P
Next Record Ctrl + Alt + N
Change Status Ctrl + Alt + A
Create KPI Ctrl + Alt + K
Application Specific Toolbar Buttons
Assign Labor (Assignment Manager) Ctrl + Alt + L
Finish Assignment (Assignment Manager) Ctrl + Alt + F
Interrupt Assignment (Assignment Manager) Ctrl + Alt + U
Select Work Date (Assignment Manager) Ctrl + Alt + W
Start Assignment (Assignment Manager) Ctrl + Alt + T
Start Timer (Activities, Changes, Incidents, Problems, Releases, Service Requests) Ctrl + Alt + B
Stop Timer (Activities, Changes, Incidents, Problems, Releases, Service Requests) Ctrl + Alt + E
Table Windows
Next Row Ctrl + Down Arrow
Previous Row Ctrl + Up Arrow
Open/Close table window Filter Ctrl + Z
Previous Page Ctrl + <
Next Page Ctrl + >
Date Fields
Insert today’s date Ctrl + =
Move back one day Ctrl + Minus Sign
Move forward one day Ctrl + Plus Sign
Select Date Dialog Box
Next Month Ctrl + Right Arrow
Previous Month Ctrl + Left Arrow
Next Year Ctrl + Up Arrow
Previous Year Ctrl + Down Arrow

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9 thoughts on “Maximo keyboard shortcuts

  1. I agree that these are very helpful in most environments. However, I am working on a Maximo 7 project in Japan and the customer would like to disable ALL keyboard shortcuts that include Ctrl+ or Alt+. Is there an easy way to do this in Maximo 7? In Maximo 5.2, there was an ACCESSKEY column in the SIGOPTION table that controlled this type of functionality. I see that MAXMENU.ACCESSKEY is where I can disable the Toolbar Buttons, but where do I find all the others?

    Thank you for your help. Personally, I love the shortcuts in Maximo.

    1. Actually, I believe the ACCESSKEY is the only field, except that is only in the database for the toolbar. If you want to remove the ACCESSKEY value from other buttons, you have to modify the XML. For example, export the LIBRARY.xml file from application designer and search for ‘accesskey’. You will see a bunch of hyperlinks with shortcuts associated with them. You might have to do this for each application.

    2. why is it that in MAXIMO 6.0, you could use the CTRL ALT A using the right side CTRL and ALT keys and on the 7.0 version you have to use the left side keys only? This is a real pain. We are using the XP OS.

  2. There is one you should add to this list. When you are in a field, CTRL-ENTER opens the select value menu. Super handy for mobile devices, you can program one of the programmable buttons on the tablet to do this action and it makes it easier to open the select value menu to choose a value.

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