Maintaining your Maximo system

We all know the reason for any company to purchase an EAM product like Maximo.  It’s because they want to be able to maintain their assets and keep them in top physical shape.  You create PM programs for your assets so they staying running extended periods of time without any slow or downtime.  But did anyone give any thought to maintaining the software that is maintaining your assets?  Just like your assets, your Maximo application and database needs to be maintained on a regular basis.  From this day on, I suggest you create a PM program for regular maintenance on your Maximo application.  It’s just as important as your other assets.

Here is a good article about keeping your Maximo tuned up and performing.

Maximo is everywhere! It has been around for several decades and is in use by many different industries of all sizes.  Client databases have grown in size and complexity over the years.  Continued monitoring of database integrity is always recommended to make sure all your I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.

It states that as you use Maximo, your database will eventually grow in size.  This growth can have a negative impact on your overall performance and recommend that you “Update Statistics” to keep Maximo running smoothly, so why not create a PM program for Maximo.  [developerWorks]

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