Maintain System Properties When Moving or Copying a Database

Here is a good article for you system administrators. If you do a lot of development like we do around here, copying and moving Maximo databases can be a pain. This article on maintaining system properties when moving or copying databases should help ease the pain applies to Maximo 7. [IBM Support]

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3 thoughts on “Maintain System Properties When Moving or Copying a Database

  1. Thanks for your posts!

    The other things you should consider (when refresh DB in Test or Dev environment) are:
    – remove users emails – because you don’t want them receiving notification from DEV.
    – change system accounts (MAXADMIN, MAXREG…) passwords – good style to have different psw
    – change passwords and URL in Interface table End points (if you have integration)
    – delete scheduled reports – or users will get several copies of reports from different environment

    That’s pretty much it. 😉


  2. We are contemplating installing Maximo App on Linux instead of Windows for stability and security reasons. WE are looking for the pros and cons of this step, and thanks in advance.


  3. Heloo Everyone,

    I am trying to migrate maximo 7.1 from one environment to another one.

    I am trying to do it manualy like copying maximo folder and restoring database from backup.

    kindly guide me in this manual migration process.

    i need list of steps that i need to do on source and target machine.



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