List of special characters usable in Maximo 7.x passwords

This tip is from David:


These special characters are supported:
ampersand &
dollar sign $
period .
angle brackets < >
equal sign =
pipe |
asterisk *
exclamation point !
plus sign +
at sign @
greater than sign <
question mark ?
hyphen –
semicolon ;
braces { }
less than sign <
slash mark /
brackets [ ]
number sign #
underscore _
caret ^
parentheses ( )
colon :
percent %

Thanks David!

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One thought on “List of special characters usable in Maximo 7.x passwords

  1. Makes you wonder if hackers can retrieve data from Maximo via SQL injection or other methods using special characters like this. Seems like a security risk, but I could not wrong…?

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