Improve Maximo performance with SQL Server and Page Locking

Turning off Page Locking in SQL Server will improve performance and prevent slow transactions or hanging.  This applies to Maximo 6 and 7.  Since Page Locking is already turned on unless it has been modified by the Configure utility.  Therefore it is suggested that you turn it off.

Open SQL Server Query Analyzer and run the following SQL command and output the results to text.

select 'sp_indexoption '''+tablename+''',''AllowPageLocks'',''false''
go' from maxtable order by tablename

Select all of the output and past it in a new window, then hit F5 to execute all of the sp_indexoption commands.

This will set page locking off for all tables and their indexes. Once turned off, it will remain off. The Maximo Database Configuration application will maintain page locking off if it rebuilds a table or index.

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