IBM Redpaper: IBM Maximo Asset Management Essentials: Rapid Engagement Guide

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This IBM® Redpaper publication provides IBM Business Partners and services teams guidance and information to help streamline their engagements related to deploying solutions based on the Maximo Asset Management Essentials product. Maximo Asset Management Essentials provides small to medium businesses a robust platform for enterprise asset management.

Maximo Asset Management Essentials typically requires a services engagement to provide the configuration and customization required for a specific client. For the small to mid-size business that is the target audience for the Maximo Asset Management Essentials product, service engagements for the initial deployment must be kept to a minimum length to help ensure an improved time to value for the client.

The organizations providing these services must be able to efficiently deploy and implement a Maximo Asset Management Essentials-based solution, using repeatable methodologies and common configurations and taking advantage of available tools and techniques.

This paper provides information targeted at the implementers to provide information to help them perform more efficient engagements and improve client satisfaction. This IBM Redpaper provides information about:
– Maximo Asset Management Essentials product overview
– Sample questions to help identify the specific requirements of the client
– Common configuration data that provides a jump start for many implementations
– Generic process management flows
– Techniques for pre-loading existing data into the Maximo® database
– Common reports that can provide immediate value to clients
– A process description for client acceptance criteria
– Education road maps for implementers and users of Maximo Asset Management Essentials

This IBM Redpaper is intended to be used in conjunction with product documentation and other information as listed in the bibliography. In addition, a utility that provides the ability to load the generic objects and data that implement some of the generic process management capabilities described in this paper is planned to be made available via the IBM Open Process Automation Library at:

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. Introduction to IBM Maximo Asset Management Essentials engagements
Chapter 2. Gathering and understanding client requirements
Chapter 3. Getting started with a solution implementation
Chapter 4. Process management
Chapter 5. Data loading
Chapter 6. Common reports and recommendations
Chapter 7. Deployment acceptance criteria
Chapter 8. Training
Appendix A. Maximo Rapid Implementation Utility

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