How to edit CLOSED workorders in Maximo 7

I have seen this many times where users ask me, “how can I edit closed workorders in Maximo?”  They want to be able to go into a closed workorder and add labor hours or materials on them for some reason or another and if you have used previous versions of Maximo, you can’t edit closed workorders.  Well, IBM has listened to these complaints and they have a resolution to this problem.  In Maximo 7, you can now edit closed workorders.

Go into any workorder record that has a status of CLOSE and you will notice that all the fields are grayed out so you can’t edit it or even add labor hours.  To edit a closed workorder, go to Select Action -> Edit History Work Order.  I know, the name of this link is very stupid but that’s the way it is.  Once you click on this, all the fields are now editable and you can now add labor hours and materials or do whatever you want to edit this workorder.

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7 thoughts on “How to edit CLOSED workorders in Maximo 7

  1. Can we add “Edit History Work Order” to Quick Reporting Application? I have a custom tab (Discrepancy) and a portlet associated with a Quick Reporting Application Query that managers want the ability to reconcile balances for work orders that have been closed Using the Edit History Action similar to the one in Work Order Tracking

  2. Is there a way to re-open a work order so that we can process an invoice charge to a closed WO from the MIF. Edit History works well if I update from the maximo UI but we need something that will work with updates received from external systems.

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