How to add a new Company/Company Master to Maximo organization

Creating a company in Maximo seems straightforward and you may think that you can just go into “Companies” module and simply just add a new record. Even though the “Add New” button is there, Maximo actually doesn’t work that way. If you try it, you will get a message saying “BMXAA0311E – Companies for this organization must be added through the Company Master application”.

So now what? To add a company in Maximo, you first have to add a master company record in the “Company Master” module. If you have multiple organizations in your Maximo, this module manages all the companies associated with all of your organizations.  So the first thing you want to do is create a new record and save it.  Now, each company can then be associated with different organizations within Maximo.  If you only have one, then you can just associate it with that one.  If you have multiples, then you can pick and choose which organizations the company master record belongs to.  To associate a company master to an organization, in the “Company Master” module, simply click on Select Action -> Add Company Master to Organization.  A dialog box will open with all the available organizations that you can choose from.  If the organizations isn’t available, then that means that the company master record is already associated with the organization.

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