How to add a login banner and disable new user registration in one step

This great tip was provided by one of our members, David.

I had a requirement to remove new user registration, and in addition to add an official government computer system login banner to a maximo 7 build.

Here’s the method that worked best for our system and requires no modification to the application or editing of files:

From Database Configuration, go to the Action Menu and select “Messages”
Turn on the filter and search for “newuser” under “Message Key”.

You will get two items, “newuserlabel” and “newuserlink.”
Set newuserlabel to

" "

without the quotes. If you leave this blank, i.e. NULL the application will error out.
Set newuserlink to

"<script type=''text/javascript'' language=''javascript''>alert('NOTICE: Use of this system constitutes consent to monitoring at all times...etc...'')</script>"

again without the quotes.

***NOTE: All the quotes inside the
tags are two single quotes, not a normal double quote!***

When you hit OK on the dialog this will be saved to the database and is immediately active.
*** Warning: if you get the syntax wrong, you will not be able to login to the application! *** You can log in a second browser session to test it before logging out, or if you have already gotten to where you cannot login, you can run this SQL to repair and try again.

update maxmessages set value='new user?' where msgid='BMXAA5091E';

update maxmessages set value='registerr now' where msgid='BMXAA5092E';


I would not recommend setting this from the database using sql due to how the application and oracle both like to escape double and single quotes. Let the UI handle the insert.

Now when you hit the login page you will see a popup dialog with the login banner, and there will be no link out to self-registration. And the user must hit the “OK” button before proceeding.

I will probably re-write this to allow user to “CANCEL” and then get redirected away from Maximo if they don’t agree to the terms of the login banner.

Thanks for the tip David!

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