Hide or disable ‘new user’ registration on the Maximo login page

Most companies want to hide or disable the ‘new user’ registration link on the Maximo login page because of licensing, so why IBM put that there in the first place is unknown to me.  But this tip will show you how to remove that link from login page.  This tip will remove the link but it will not disable the login registration page.  So if a user knows the URL of the login registration, they can still go there and do whatever they need to register.  But for the most part, removing the link on the login page is enough to deter users from registering.  So, one way of doing this is to remove the HTML from the login.jsp file, but that is over complicated, so we won’t go that route.  So, we will have to do it within the Database Configuration.

I have shown you this before on how to modify login page message, so this shouldn’t be new for you guys.  But once you are in the DB config application, go to Select Action -> Messages.  Filter for the value ‘login’ under the ‘Message Group’ column.  Now you are looking for two message keys: ‘newuserlabel’ and ‘newuserlink’.  These are the two values that we are going to edit.  Now I know what you are thinking, you’re thinking we could just simply delete whatever value they have in there and save right?  Wrong, if you try to do that, it will throw and error saying that you have to have a value in there?  So how are we supposed to get a blank value if we can’t enter an empty string?  Simple, if you know HTML.  The solution here is to use


This is HTML for a non breaking space character.  Enter this as the value for each of the message keys.  You will notice that the value you just entered disappears and that is normal.  You can now save it and go to your Maximo login page and viola, the new user registration link is gone!

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4 thoughts on “Hide or disable ‘new user’ registration on the Maximo login page

  1. Unfortunately this doesn’t actually remove the link.
    It just makes it appear as a space.

    If you hover your mouse over the page you can still find the link and you can still use it.

    The only safe way to disable this is to edit the jsp page.

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