Fixing Maximo 6 navigation menus in IE8

Early versions of Maximo 6 don’t support IE 8 and with Microsoft pushing it on us, it’s hard to ignore it.  To fix the navigation issue in IE 8, follow these steps:

Go to this directory:

Maximo/applications/maximo/maximouiweb/webmodule/ webclient/javascript

And open the “menu.js” file with notepad or something and find the line:

opener = popObj.openermenu;

Add a VAR statement to the front of the command so it looks like the following

VAR opener = popObj.openermenu;

Replace the existing file in the .EAR by either rebuilding or using a zip tool to open and replace the file.

Thanks to Jake for the tip!

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One thought on “Fixing Maximo 6 navigation menus in IE8

  1. Hi ,

    We have 6.1, I did the change and it worked. However, the moment you run the report, Maximo logs you out of application upon returning from actuate.
    Could you shed some light on it?

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