Error adding security groups to new users

I was playing around the Security Groups and Users module and I came across an error message that didn’t really make sense to me.  I had logged into Maximo as a user that I created, actually duplicated from the Maxadmin user, so I have all the exact same rights as Maxadmin.  I opened the Users module and tried to add a security group to one of them and I got this error:

“Your security privileges do not allow access to the selected option, If you require access to this option, please contact your System Administrator”

Here I was thinking, how could this be?  I am a Maximo administrator.  I double checked my security profile and sure enough I had rights to do everything.  OK, so I logged off and logged back in as maxadmin.  I tried to do the same thing and sure enough, I was able to add a security group to any user.  This baffled me.  So what could it be?

I finally googled the error and found an article on IBM support site.  It basically said that the logged in user must be authorized to reassign groups.  So to enable a user for “Authorize Group Reassignment”, log in as maxadmin and go into the Security Groups module and select the MAXADMIN group.  Go to Select Action -> Authorize Group Reassignment.  In that dialog, click on New Row and add the user you want to have this privilege.  Once you save it, that user now has the ability to assign and reassign groups to new users.

This process isn’t very intuitive and very confusing even for a pro like us.  My question is this, how come IBM developed it like this?  Is there a reason adding this one dialog for this one purpose.  I would assume that if you assign to the MAXADMIN group, you would automatically have rights to do this simple task. [IBM Support]

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7 thoughts on “Error adding security groups to new users

  1. Hi chon

    I am using Maximo calibration 7.1 module n database is oracle.
    After entering record in data sheet template(planning->data sheet template)
    when i m going to save record its showing error

    BMXAA4195E- Required field Revision Number is blank

    and in appliaction there is revision field which is read only and containing record as 0
    and i can not change it till my status is approved
    (means i can not save record neither change status both time its showing same error)

    please help me its urgent

    many thanks

  2. Hi, I believe the IBM support document says to go to Security > Users. Then under Selection, perform the Group Reassignment. Any time you create a new Security Group, you have to explicitly add a new row for maxadmin, so maxadmin can assign that new Security Group to other users.

    At least, that is how I am interpreting the IBM support document.

  3. Hi, I want to add an user to a security group. I go to the user application > Select the user > Click on the “Group” tab > Add a “New Row” > Now I cant find the group I want to assign for this particular user. Please suggest where to look into.

  4. This is not enough …
    I have done all the steps mentioned above and still encounter the same error:
    BMXAA0028E – Your security privileges do not allow access to the selected option.
    I believe there is something more to be done.

  5. Correction:
    the described procedure will have the following result:
    ONLY for the Security group where the user will be added to authorize this user can do modification.


  6. Hi, i just tested and it didn’t worked as explained. But I retried, the group you have to add is not maxadmin but the group you had trouble adding in the first place.

    “…log in as maxadmin and go into the Security Groups module and select the MAXADMIN group…” should be replace by “…log in as maxadmin and go into the Security Groups module and select the group you want to add the user to NOT maxadmin…”

  7. Just and FYI for others.. I am trying to load security groups to people with MIF and was getting this error about not have security. Turns out you need to remember to grant Authorize Group Reassignment to the mxintadm user as that is what MIF runs the transactions. So having it granted to MAXADMIN might not be enough if using MIF. Hope this may help others save the amount of time it took me to resolve this issue.

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