Ensuring the Doclinks Directory is Secure From Web HTTP Access

WebSphere (http Server):

Need to modify the httpd.conf file (typically located: C:\max62\IBMHTTPServer\conf)

Options -Indexes

The above “-Indexes” tells apache not to serve out that location’s directory tree when requested.
By default the options is set to Indexes

1. need put in the negative sign, -Indexes
2. Save httpd.conf
3. and restart the service

BEA WebLogic:

By default WebLogic doesn’t server out the DOCLINK location, but if you were to change it this how:

Open the doclinks web application in the BEA console. Go to the first tab, and then in the second sub tab. If you scroll down you will see an “Index Directories” option.

If you check that, then you can for to HTTP:\\machinename:7001\doclinks and you will see the same thing that you see below in the websphere screen shot. If the “Index Directories” is not checked, the you would get a 404- access denied. [IBM Support]

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  1. We are on Maximo 6.2.4 – power point docs have no mime mapping in the web.xml file. I take it that I have to rebuild and re-deploy a new DOCLINKS web app. module in BEA but I do not know how to do this ? Can you help ?

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