Disable Maximo business rule with an Automation Script

For years, there is one default Maximo functionality that tends to annoy a lot of our clients. When you have a workorder and you select a location, if that location has one and only one asset associate with it, that asset number will auto populate the ASSETNUM field on the workorder. In Maximo 7.5, you can effectively disable that base functionality with a simple Automation Script.

Here is how to setup the Automation Script, but you should really read the full article over at developerWorks blog

WOASSETCLR launch point and script

I provide a short summary of the launch point and script implementation.

  • Define an Attribute launch point using the Automation Scripts application.

  • Choose business object to be WORKORDER and attribute to be LOCATION.

  • Define an INOUT variable v_assetnum and bind it to the ASSETNUM attribute of the WORKORDER object.

  • Enter these lines of Jython code representing the script logic:


if v_assetnum is not None:


  • Save the launch point and script; launch point is already active




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