Clean out WebSphere temp file cache and start fresh

As the new year finishes off and resolutions are being made, I figured this is a great post to end 2013 and start looking forward to 2014.  Let’s start the new year with a fresh start by clearing out our caches.

Have you ever tried to start MXServer and for some reason the maximo login page doesn’t load?  Or you get an error message after you try to deploy a new Maximo EAR file?  The reason could be simple like clearing the WebSphere cache before restarting the MXServer.  This is the first thing I do when I do a restart, but the question is, what cache files do we need to delete?  IBM has a quick tip to clear WebSphere 7.0 temp cache to do just that.

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One thought on “Clean out WebSphere temp file cache and start fresh

  1. Is it safe to clear WAS cache before a JVM restart? is not this restricted to scenarios where I would redeploy the EAR files right after clearing the cache? how safe is it?

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