Change the UI field width or text box screen sizes

I have posted a solution to extending text box screen sizes before, but for some, that solution didn’t work.  So here is another solution to change or configure the field width on the screen.  The simple answer is this.  Export the XML and add a width attribute to the field.  In the example, they changed the width to a table column.  I’m curious to know if this works with all fields.  Comment below if you have tried this on other fields.

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12 thoughts on “Change the UI field width or text box screen sizes

  1. Hi.

    In the Example mentioned, ie Increasing the description table column in List view WOTRACK, it doesnt give the proper result when you filter the List tab.

  2. So here is my issue with You can change the width of the table columns as mentioned below, width = “XX”, but the issue is with wrapping the text. There is a parameter webclient.wraplength which is defaulted to 75. You can change that, but it is one default for every field. If you have a field that you want to wrap at a different length (perhaps because you have a large number of fields on the table), you can’t. This is really inconvenient!

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