Change the Maximo 7.5 skin for a single user session

I personally hate the new Maximo 7.5 skin or the “tivoli09” skin as IBM will call it.  Its design is more geared for use on the iPad or another tablet type device because the elements are designed for more of a touch input than a mouse input.  I think the original design is much better for the desktop version of Maximo.  You can always turn this skin off globally in the properties, but if you are a user and don’t have any say in what UI you want to use, you can always use the original version by adding a parameter in your URL.  The parameter is the called the ‘skin’ parameter and you set the value to ‘classic’ like so (this link is to the Maximo 7.5 Preview site, so try it out, you go here for the username and password):

Hope you guys find this useful. I know I will.

Update: If you have rights to the system property, you can go there and modify the skin property and do a live refresh.

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6 thoughts on “Change the Maximo 7.5 skin for a single user session

  1. 5 years later…are you guys still clinging to classic? Supposedly it will be deprecated soon. I suppose in the next version after 7.6 it will not be available?

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