Calendar input shortcuts

Here is an interesting shortcut.  If you have a field on the screen that uses a calendar, such as the target start date, you may dread using the calendar popup or don’t want to type in the whole current date into the field itself.  Well, Maximo has a built in shortcut functionality that is really useful. You can enter a number, the equivalent of the day in the current month that you would have used the lookup to select, and it will default to month, day and year of the current month. For example, entering the number 20, then tabbing out of the target start date, will input 5/20/10 in the field. Assuming the current month is May and the current year is 2010. You can also just enter 6/11 and it will default to 6/11/2010, because the current year is 2010. [IBM Support]

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