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Did you know that you can bypass the login page with the auto login feature?  Didn’t know that there was an auto login feature?  Well, there is.  To bypass the login page, simply enter this URL into the address bar:


This will log in in the user “wilson” in the MaxDemo database.  Of course, under normal circumstances, users wouldn’t log in this way, but if you had a third party software, such as our WebAssign module, you could quickly send users to Maximo without having to re-authenticate.  There is one downfall to this though.  This auto log in feature will display the users password in plain text in the URL until the user navigates to a different module with Maximo.

Now let’s take this feature one step further.  Now you can auto login with this method, but this will default you to the start center page, if you have it setup.  Ideally, you would want to send users directly to the Workorder module, or the Labor Reporting module, etc…  So how do we bypass the login page and go directly to the Workorder module?  Easy.  Simply enter this into the URL:


As you can see the URL is pretty much the same except for the addition of a few more parameters.  We are passing the ‘even’ and ‘value’ parameters.  The ‘event’ parameter tells Maximo that we want to load an application or module, and the ‘value’ is the module we want to load.  In this case, it’s the Workorder module as ‘wotrack’.

You can also use this feature in Maximo 6.

That’s it!  Do you find this feature useful? [IBM Support]

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  1.  Hi.. nice topic,… But I have some question.. how to doing this without expose the username and password directly, I mean, after login using that url, its automatically clean up the username and password parameter in url so user doesn’t know the actual login url. because its become unsecured if the link above found by another user. if the link above found by another user.

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