Adding users in Maximo even when using LDAP authentication or mxe.useAppServerSecurity=true

If you have setup Maximo to use LDAP authentication and you try to go into the Users application and try to create a new record, you will get this error message: “You are using app server security, therefore you cannot call this method”.

So what are the reasons for wanting to create a user in Maximo?  First, you may not want to use LDAPSync to synchronize your users from the LDAP directory to Maximo, or maybe you just haven’t set it up yet.  Maybe you want more control over what users are stored in Maximo.

Well, there is a way to get around this by setting this property to false:


You have to set this in your file for both Maximo 6 and 7.   You cannot do this within the ‘System Properties’ application and do a live refresh.  It won’t allow you to.

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13 thoughts on “Adding users in Maximo even when using LDAP authentication or mxe.useAppServerSecurity=true

      1. I believe the purpose of creating a new user to use that profile locally in Maximo for testing and verify new change under that user profile. According to your solution, there is no option to set-up PASWORD then why creating new user? What is a sense to create user who is not able to log-in.
        Is there any way to create new user which is not exist in AD/ldap to just use for testing purpose. I mean log-in as new user in Maximo with user/pass created without AD to test any changes made under that user profile?
        Thanks, any suggestion? looking for your feedback

  1. This method is working well for us. We don’t have thousands nor ten thousands of users… just a few hundred and we only add a few employees, if that, per month. Setting up LDAPSYNC was not all the effort and troubleshooting we had to endure.

  2. What is the process for new USER creation when using LDAP? If a person, who does not have a user record, attempts to log in for the first time, what happens?

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