Adding Maximo Demo Data

For demo purposes, it’s always good to have a Maximo instance full of data and IBM provides that for you.  You just need to import the data after you install Maximo.

  1. Navigate to <maximo_root>\IBM\SMP\maximo\tools\maximo\en
  2. Figure out what database you are using Oracle
  3. Extract the  I have an SQL server so I will extract the  maxdemo.sqs zip file
  4. Open command prompt and run as administrator
  5. Navigate to <maximo_root>\IBM\SMP\maximo\tools\maximo
  6. Run the following command,
    1. maxinst -s[index tablespace] -t[data tablespace]
    2. For SQL Server it’s:
      1. maxinst -sPRIMARY -tPRIMARY

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One thought on “Adding Maximo Demo Data

  1. I wish IBM provided a Docker image, or a Linux instance with WebSphere, DB2, and MAXDEMO data pre-installed. I often get a better response from IBM if I show them how to replicate using an out of the box using MAXDEMO data than our custom instance.

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