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As some of you may know, the only way you can add new modules in Maximo is to duplicate an application such as Work Order Tracking from within Application Designer in order for it to show up in the ‘Go To’ drop down menu.  But it doesn’t really show up in the main menu list, meaning you don’t see it right when you click on ‘Go To’.  You have to hover over ‘Work Orders’ to see your duplicate application along with many others.  Others have asked how to add a module directly under the ‘Go To’ menu and I have also wondered myself.  Here is an IBM approved way of adding the module through the back end database because there is no way to do it from the Maximo UI.  I have reposted it here because posts on IBM support site can go missing and this one is too good to not be able to find later when you need it.  [IBM Support]

In order to add a module to the Go To menu, you will need to manually add entries to the MAXMODULES and MAXMENU tables.
Here are the steps to do this:
1. Make a database backup. Anytime you do back-end manipulation of your MAXIMO database, it is extremely important to back up the Database in case you need to restore.
2. select * from maxmodules order by maxmodulesid
Make note of the highest number in maxmoduleid column.
3. Run the insert statement below and make sure that MAXMODULESID is at least 20 greater than highest value from step 2.
Insert into MAXMODULES ( MODULE, DESCRIPTION, MAXMODULESID) values (‘CUSTOM’, ‘Custom Applications’, 150)
4. select * from maxmenu order by maxmenuid
Make note of the highest number in the maxmenuid column.
5. select * from maxmenu order by position
Make note of the highest number in the position column
6. Run the insert statement below and make sure the POSITION column is 1000 greater than highest number. Make sure the MAXMENUID is 200 greater than highest number.
values (‘MODULE’, ‘CUSTOM’, ‘1500’, 0,’MODULE’, ‘CUSTOM’, ‘Custom Application’, 1,’Your IMAGE gif’ 7100)
***Note for images*** Available icons are in the following folder: Maximo/applications/maximo/maximouiweb/webmodule/webclient/images.
If you make your own icon it must be a 16×16 GIF icon.
7. Restart the application server.
8. Insert a New Application in Application Designer. You will now be allowed to pick the Module called CUSTOM.

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