Screencast: Import users and passwords with Maximo Integration Framework

This screencast will walk you through importing security users and be able to set their passwords.  Read this post to setup your CRON tasks, if you haven’t already done so.

What you will learn in this video:

  • Import users and set user passwords
  • Disable emailing passwords to user
  • Disable password expiration
  • Attribute restrictions
  • Manage Admin Mode
  • Config DB from with Maximo

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20 thoughts on “Screencast: Import users and passwords with Maximo Integration Framework

    1. No, that is just one way to do it. It depends on how you want to import your data. I showed how to import via interface tables, hence the endpoint for my external system is MXIFACETABLE. You can use the existing EXTSYS1 to import via XML files.

  1. Hi

    Regarding Installation of Websphere application server and db2 in AIX, I have some doubts . please help me .thanks in advance

    1. Launchpad runs or not in AIX
    2. s

  2. Excellent video. In your video you set the password to maximotest. What if I want to import users from Maximo 6 where they already have a password which is stored as an encrypted value. (i.e. How do I tell the MIF that the password I supplied is an encrypted value?)

  3. Hello Chon, I could not see any video… It says 1 item remaining in status bar. I am registered, logged in and purchased too… I am trying to see in IE8 and Firefox
    If you have any external link, could you please share?

  4. Hello Chon,

    Great Video.

    I have a question, hee you set the password as maximotest. How can we Generate Password like we do it from the application ?


    Megha Tatiya

  5. thanks Nice video, I like to know how to create the cron task which fetches the record form the mxin_inter_trans table to the main MBO table., As i have practiced and reached up to the insertion of record in the mxin_inter_trans table and in the iface table., the records need to be transferred from iface table to main mbo table. how to do it through cron task.

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