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I started this blog over a year ago with the main goal to promote our MAXIMO solutions to consumers and secondly to give out great MAXIMO tutorials.  At the time, there were MAXIMO forums that helped developers, but nothing had a  “how to” section for MAXIMO.  I’m not sure that there weren’t any tutorials out there because people thought that kind of information was proprietary and didn’t want to share because it would negatively affect them somehow.  But the way I see it, all of my MAXIMO tutorials are easy to pick up if you have a willingness to learn the system and the patience to try and figure it out, like importing data with MIF.  When I first started using MIF, I didn’t know anything about it, but I just dove right in and tried everything I could to get it to work.  I figured I could just post the tutorials and get some readers and hopefully they would see our MAXIMO solutions that would hopefully catch someones eye.

Over a year now, we have a great following from our readers, and this blog has certainly helped us in getting some new clients that are interested in our products.  But the problem is this, most of our readers are developers, like myself, surfing the web for great MAXIMO tips and not necessarily searching for add on solutions for MAXIMO.

For the past 6 months, I have been looking for a new way to help promote our MAXIMO solutions such as EZMaxMobile, WebAssign and WebMaint.  I have searched the internet for a site where I could post some information about our products to really reach the end consumers who would eventually use them.  I found nothing.  Sure, there were a few directories out there that had links to CMMS software such as IBM Maximo, Infor EAM, Maintenance Connection, etc.  But these are all geared towards the big boys and not us vendors who are trying to sell add ons to their CMMS packages.  Even if you do a Google search for “MAXIMO mobile”, you don’t even see Syclo on the first page of the result list.  Maximo Times made it to the top of the list :-), but you have to go to the second page to see anything for Syclo.  The problem is that there is no one place to look for CMMS software or add on software, so I came up with my own site called CMMS Marketplace (

CMMS Marketplace is a site for vendors like us to promote our solutions to consumers for any of the big boy CMMS software out there such as MAXIMO, Infor EAM, etc.  You can even blog about your own software or even submit case studies to the site.  So please visit the site and start promoting your solutions today!

Did You Know...

As Maximo Experts, we have developed several add-on products for Maximo that mobilize the work force, simplifies assignments, provides ad-hoc reporting capabilities and facilitates the seamless integration of Service Requests into Maximo.

Check out our products by clicking on the following links: EZMaxMobile, EZMaxPlanner and EZMaxRequest.

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