New “Maximo Pack for StressTester(tm)” makes Maximo(r) performance problems a thing of the past

17th May 2012 – The new release of Reflective Solutions’ “Maximo Pack for StressTester™” strengthens the position of StressTester™ as the tool of choice for performance testing IBM Maximo® systems. Designed to significantly simplify and reduce the effort associated with performance testing Maximo, the result is that Maximo performance issues can be quickly and simply identified, without having to fight to configure a tool, enabling the Maximo community to benefit from stable, scalable Maximo installations.

This unique offering to the Maximo community has been made possible due to the wealth of experience of our consultants, gained in over 10 years of testing Maximo installations all around the world. StressTester is already recognised as one of the quickest to learn and simplest to use load testing tools on the market, and the Maximo Pack for StressTester takes care of the majority of the configuration work, allowing Maximo performance testing in even shorter timescales.

Maximo performance testing has traditionally been a battle. Anyone who’s ever tried to write test scripts will be familiar with the associated complexities, as the pages that users see are usually created from parts of many application responses, so data shown on one page may have come from responses earlier in the transaction. Trying to handle Maximo framework session variables, changing identifiers that often cause scripts to start failing, and extracting data from complicated responses are all difficult with most performance testing tools, which used to mean it could take weeks to configure and execute a Maximo performance test.

Graham Parsons of Reflective Solutions, comments: “The release of the new Maximo Pack for StressTester™ has been designed to respond to a very real and immediate need in the Maximo marketplace and initial feedback we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive. The Maximo Pack will detect when a Maximo User Journey has been recorded and will automatically configure all hidden session variables, as well as configuring the Maximo identifiers to be Dynamic Data items. We’ve also included some example User Journeys and example test run configurations, all designed to help users to easily see common configurations required for Maximo testing.”

Frank Baker, Services Director at Vestasi, adds “Having seen the Maximo Pack for StressTester in action, there’s no question that it makes Maximo performance testing quicker and simpler than it used to be. By reducing the complexity of configuring performance tests, the timescales required are significantly reduced. That’s why the Maximo Pack for StressTester has been utilised in a number of our service engagements.”

Alex Smith, CTO at Versilitas, comments:Without doubt, the Maximo Pack for StressTester makes Maximo performance testing so much more straightforward. Configuring a new simulated transaction to replay against Maximo is complex, but now StressTester does most of the work for me.”

Ian Tunnicliffe, CEO at Versilitas, adds: “Software applications are never designed to be easy to test and that certainly applies to Maximo. It’s great to see a company like Reflective listening to feedback from its partners and customising their testing tool to make our lives easier.”


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About Reflective Solutions Ltd

Reflective Solutions Ltd was formed in 1998 as a specialist application performance testing consultancy, and have been assuring application performance ever since. Reflective designed and developed StressTester™ and Sentinel with the aim of reducing the costs and timescales traditionally associated with performance testing, monitoring and diagnosis of IBM Maximo® systems.

StressTester™ is an enterprise class performance testing tool, capable of providing comprehensive, in-depth analysis of any web application’s performance, scalability and load capacity. Proven to reduce project timescales and costs whilst still allowing testers to configure complex scenarios, StressTester™ is a tool used by test professionals who wish to focus on the planning and results of performance tests and not be delayed by the complexity of the test tool.

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