How to rebuild and redeploy EAR files FASTER with WebSphere

I have already shown you how I personally quickly rebuild and redeploy EAR files with WebSphere, but here is another quick trick that can get the job done just as well.

For those of you who are tired of rebuilding EAR files and redeploying, myself included, every time a java code or any change is made there is a tool that will help us out.

There is a tool or a command that we can run to deploy changed quickly.  It’s called “sync-websphere-maximo.cmd”.  You can find this command here:

[maximo root]/applications/maximo

In order to use this tool, you need to modify the associated ‘sync-websphere-maximo.xml’ file so that it knows where your WebSphere maximo installed apps are located.  The default Maximo 7 location of the installed apps for WebSphere is in this directory:


Make sure the ‘businessobject.jar’ file is in that directory and the other JAR files.  Now modify that ‘sync-websphere-maximo.xml’ file and insert the above path into the property name ‘maximo.websphere.dir’ tag and uncomment that section.  Now after you make any changes to your maximo directory, you can run the ‘sync-websphere-maximo.cmd’ and you changes will be deployed to the installedApps directory.  You will have to restart the Maximo application instance for the changes to take affect.

Thanks David for the tip!

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4 thoughts on “How to rebuild and redeploy EAR files FASTER with WebSphere

  1. So does this method assume that I’m making my changes in the “source” directories ([root]:/maximo/applications/maximo…), instead of editing files in the maximouiweb.war folder?  Just want to be clear…

  2. Thank you for great tip! This method was working fine with Maximo 7.1 for me, but when we moved to 7.5 it doesn’t seem to work any more. Changes just don’t get deployed. Were you able to deploy in 7.5 using this method?

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