Edit dialogs not found in Application Designer

I recently got a great question from Ernie.  The question was this:

Would you happen to know how to hide the Person Group tab on select
ownership menu option? I need to be able to assign an owner and owner
group. I have already creating a lookup field for person group and need to
remove the option to select a person group from the select owner menu.

I’m sure he read the post on how to edit dialogs in application designer but the dialog he was looking for didn’t exist in there.  The way to modify this dialog is the same as changing the location drilldown limit.

So to answer Ernie’s question, first open up the Application Designer.  Click Select Action -> Export System XML.  Export the LIBRARY xml by clicking on the blue arrow icon on the right.  Save the xml file.  You can choose to create a backup just in case something goes wrong.

Open the LIBRARY.xml file with notepad or your favorite text editor.  Search for the term <dialog id=”owner” label=”Select Owner”>.  You will notice that in this dialog contains a tab group.  So to completely remove the Person Group tab, you can delete or comment out the following lines:

<tab beanclass=”psdi.webclient.beans.common.OwnerGroupBean” id=”owner_labor_group” label=”Person Groups” mboname=”persongroup”>

Comment out this line and everything that it contains.  Save the file and import the modified file back into the Application Designer.

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2 thoughts on “Edit dialogs not found in Application Designer

  1. Hi,
    thanks for this – now I found where to change the limit of table rows in the Change Owner dialog. But how is re-importing done? Is it by using the button “Import Application Definition”? I tried this, but it results in an BMXAA0931E error.

    Any help is appreciated

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