Display workflow change status memo field on communication template

I’m not sure how many of you actually use the memo field when changing a record status but here is a quick little tip that shows you how to retrieve that field and show it on a communication template.

I will show how to do this on a WORKORDER record which should have some kind of workflow assigned to it already.  So once a WORKORDER record is in a workflow, in order to change the status, you have to click on the ‘route workflow’ button and there you can select which action to take.  You can also input a memo in that change status dialog box.  This is the memo that we will show on the communication template.  If you use the memo field a lot, you will know that this field doesn’t really show up anywhere else in the Maximo UI (or at least that I know of) and is only stored in the database.

First thing we need to do is create a new relationship on the PO object in the DB config application.  Add a new relationship and name it ‘WFMEMO’.  Set the child object to ‘WFASSIGNMENT’.  Set the ‘Where Clause’ to:

ownertable = 'WORKORDER' and ownerid = :workorderid
and assignid = (
select top 1 assignid from wfassignment where ownerid = :workorderid

This will get the last memo record associated with the last change status record.

Now to use this in a communication template, to go the workorder record and go to Select Action -> Create -> Communication.  Fill in the appropriate fields to send an email and in the body of the email message, you will use this placeholder to populate the memo field:


Now this will send an email and display the memo field for the current record status.

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3 thoughts on “Display workflow change status memo field on communication template

  1. Just thought i would let you know that if you try to send
    out the communication template with the memo field displayed from
    within the workflow process rather than from a normal escalation
    etc the memo field is not available as the commit to the table is
    not completed till after the workflow process completes the
    necessary action. IBM have received a number of requests for this
    and have it on a list of enhancements.

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