Create ‘My Work Order Assignments’ portlet for your start center

Maximo start center portlets are great for a quick overview of information that is important to you.  Start centers are the first thing you see when you log into Maximo.  You can use portlets to show a variety of information and if I’m a labor technician, the most important thing to me is to quickly identify what workorders are assigned to me.  In this tutorial, I will quickly show you how to create one result set that will query for all the assigned work orders based on the user ID of the person that is logged in.  Then we will create a start center portlet that will look like this:

Start Center Portlet - My Assignments
Start Center Portlet – My Assignments

Since we are going to create a portlet for assigned work orders, we have to first create a result set for the Work Order Tracking module.  Go into Work Order Tracking and click on ‘Advanced Search’.  I will assume you are using the LEAD field for assignments so we will use the LEAD field here.  Enter a any person value here to query for such as MAXADMIN.  Hit ‘Find’ to filter out the results.  Now this will find all the work orders with the LEAD field like ‘MAXADMIN’.

Next we click on the ‘Save Query’, give it any name you want such as ‘My Work Order Assignments’ and save it.  Now we have to edit this query so that instead of just querying for work orders that are assigned to MAXADMIN, we want to query for work that is based on whoever is logged in.  Click on the yellow arrow next to ‘Save Query’ and click on ‘View/Manage Queries’.  You should see the one you just created.  Click on the blue arrow on the left to expand it and you should now see the query it uses.  We want to modify this.  We want to change:

lead like ‘%MAXADMIN%’

To this:

lead =   :USER

Now save this query.  This will be dynamic based on who is logged in.  Now go into your start center and click on ‘Change Content/Layout’.   Click ‘Select Content’ and select the ‘Result Set’ portlet and click Finished.  All that is left is to modify this portlet by clicking on the edit portlet button on the top right.  It’s a little pencil icon.  Select the query you just created for the work order assignments and then select the columns you want to display in the portlet.  Click save and there you have it.

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