Change the default asset/location ‘Filter By’ for Service Requests (SR)

Have you used the SR module and tried to select an asset or location from the ‘Select Action’ dialog box?  By default, Maximo sets the default ‘Filter By’ drop down to ‘User/Custodian’ and, in most cases, this filter is pretty much empty.  So the user has to manually change the ‘Filter By’ value and set it to ‘All’ and then click refresh.  This process is annoying and it’s three clicks too many.

To change this default ‘Filter By’ drop down value to ‘All’, we just have to change the domains default value.  There are no code changes or application designer modifications but you do have to do a database configuration to deal with.

Go to System Configuration -> Platform Configuration -> Database Configuration.  Search for the SR object and search for the attribute called ‘ASSETFILTERBY’.  If you expand this attribute, you will notice that the default value is currently set to !USERCUST!.  If you want the default value to be ‘All’ in the drop down list, then change this value to !ALL! and save.  Don’t forget to apply configuration changes.  You don’t need to turn on admin mode as this change doesn’t have any structural changes.

So how did we know to change this value to !ALL! and it would work?  Well, if you noticed that the domain field on the attribute is set to ‘ASSETFILTERBY’.  If you open up that domain, you will see that there are three total values that you can use for the default value: ALL, PUBLIC and USERCUST.  We changed this attributes default value on the SR object, but you can also change it for other objects that use this domain as well.

So now if you go into the SR module, you will now see the default asset/location ‘Select Action’ dialog box is now set to show all records by default.

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