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To me the BIRT report logos are unnecessary and take up too much valuable space on a report where the data is the most important thing on there.  But if you don’t want to have the “tivoli” and “IBM” logos displayed, you can always remove them from the report designer when developing the report, but what if you like the images there and want to change them to your company logo?

The easiest way to do this is to go to this directory: <maximo>/reports/birt/libraries and replace these two images with your company images.  The first image name is “IBM_logo_Black.gif”.  This image goes on the top right corner of your report.  Simply name your company logo file to this name and replace it.  The name will be misleading to others, but it’s the easiest and quickest way.  You can backup the original image just so you can revert back to if you want.  The second file you want to replace is called “tivoli.gif”.  Simply replace your image over this one and keep the same name.  Your images should roughly be the same size as the original logos, otherwise the report might look a bit off.

The second way to requires you to copy your logo files to the same directory and then you have to modify the MaximoSystemLibrary.rptlibrary and libraries.xml to reference your new image names.  Then you have to import the modified libraries.xml file into your Maximo from the Report administration module.  I won’t go into details on how to do this as my first method works just fine and is much quicker.

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3 thoughts on “Change BIRT report logo to your company image

  1. Con, By just renaming the logo files it does not display your company logo on reports, you still have to do the import with resource file (containing the zip of your new logo files).



  2. Hello,
    Followed the easy way (described above in the main post) to replace the out of the box image in BIRT Report (IBM Black Logo…). However, nothing is displayed now, just an ‘x’ like there’s no image to display. I cleared my Websphere Cache, rebuilt ear file and redeployed. The new logo doesn’t display.

    Thanks for your help on this one.

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