Automatic service request email notifications with escalations

Did you know you can automatically send email notifications to customers who submit work requests via Service Request module or by our WebMaint module?  You can send email upon different status changes, such as when a workorder status is changed to approved or when the workorder has been completed.

The Escalation Setup below is an example of being notified for a Workorder status Change, this will send the Role/Person specified on the Communication Template an email everytime someone changes a WORKORDER to APPR.

First thing to do is to make sure that you have setup your email settings in the System Properties.   Go ahead and set the setting and the mxe.workflow.admin setting.  You may have to restart the application server for the settings to take effect.

Create a escalation and fill in the following fields

Applies to :WORKORDER
Condition: STATUS=’APPR’ and STATUSDATE >=(getdate() -1/1440)
Schedule: 1 minute

Escalation Point section:

Elapsed Time Attribute: STATUSDATE
Escalation Point condition: 1=1
Check Repeats Box

Attached a Communication Template to my Notification Section

Communication Template specifics;

Applies to : WORKORDER
Accessible From: ALL
To: Role you choose
Send From: Maximo Administrator
Subject: :WONUM has changed status
Message: The :WONUM has been changed status to :STATUS on :STATUSDATE

****NOTE: Now the REPEATS need to be checked in order for it to notify you on the same Workorder being changed to APPR back to WAPPR back to APPR…..

The following query STATUSDATE >=(getdate() -1/1440)

this will check when a STATUSDATE is changed within that last minute…

Sysdate means it checks the Date on the Server

-1 means it will check for any changes to the STATUSDATE within the last minute the crontask was running as the schedule is every minute

1440 is the following calculation

1440 divided by 60 Seconds ( 1minute)= 24 HOURS

24 Hours X 60 Seconds= 1440

So the Crontask runs every minute…but only will send an email when a Workorders STATUSDATE is changed within the last time it ran and the Workorder is changed to APPR…

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10 thoughts on “Automatic service request email notifications with escalations

  1. Hi chon,

    i have created one escalation like when Service request raised and no action taken for 3 days then it will automatically change status to queued and notification will send to Admin.

    i have applied condition point :
    STATUS = (select value from synonymdomain where domainid=’SRSTATUS’ and maxvalue=’NEW’) AND (SYSDATE – REPORTDATE >=3)

    schedule 24h,*,0,*,*,*,*,*,*,*

    elapsed time attribute: REPORTDATE

    elapsed time interval:3.00

    interval unit of measure: days

    action: SRQUEUED

    and Notification to ADMIN and REPORTEDBY

    i have validated and activated it
    i m getting two rows for tht condition also,
    but not able to see notification in inbox

    can you tell me wht could be the problem


  2. The criteria for the Condition does not seem to work. I change the STATUS of a WO from WAPPR to APPR and run this SQL and it gets nothing back. I am running right after the status change completes on the WO:

    select * from workorder
    where STATUS = ‘APPR’ and STATUSDATE >=(getdate() -1/1440)

    As a result the ESCALATION seems to never get hit.

    I check the STATUSDATE on my WO and it was properley updated. Here is full proof of my test:

    select getdate()

    select * from workorder where STATUS = ‘APPR’ and STATUSDATE >=(getdate() -1/1440)

    select STATUSDATE from WORKORDER where wonum = ‘101691’


    11/19/2012 9:28:56.733 AM

    (NO ROWS)

    11/19/2012 9:28:43.120 AM

  3. Actually, it’s much simpler than that:

    Applies To: WORKORDER
    Condition: status=’APPR’
    Schedule: 1m

    Escalation Point
    Elapsed Time Attribute: STATUSDATE (although I believe you can pick anything really)
    Escalation Point Condition: 1=1
    Elapsed Time Interval: (blank)
    Interval Unit of Measure: (blank)
    Repeat? UNCHECKED!!! (This is the key)

    (same as above)

    Because repeat is NOT checked, it will only execute ONCE on every record. Every minute the escalation will run, look for any work orders in APPR status. If it finds one AND it hasn’t already sent a notification regarding that work order, it will send one out! It also prevents ones from slipping through the cracks when you put the system into Admin mode and your “APPR in last 60 seconds” query would fail because it missed some that may have been entered right before admin mode was turned on.

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