An improved Maximo Assignment Manager

If you have used the built in Maximo Assignment Manager module, you probably wanted to pick up your computer and throw it out the window. In my opinion, the assignment manager module and far from being user friendly and all it’s meant to do is associate a name to a workorder. Of course it is supposed to do more than that, but in its most simplest form, assigning a labor or craft to a workorder couldn’t be more difficult. Another annoying aspect of the assignment manager is that you have to open a completely different module, other than Work Order Tracking, in order to assign workorders. That, in and of itself, is very annoying to any user. One way around this, is to obviously use our very own add-on module, WebAssign which has the ability to batch assign workorders. But if purchasing WebAssign isn’t an option for you, you can simply add an “Assignment” tab in the Work Order Tracking module to do just that, assign workorders. This tab basically uses the logic of the Assignment Manager module without all of the overhead. You can simply click on “Add a New Assignment” to a workrorder and you’re done. The record is still saved in the assignment table, so if you choose to still use the Assignment Manager, it will all be there.

You can follow this support ticket on how to add an assignment tab in WOTRACK but the XML document didn’t work for my Maximo 6.2.5 instance.  So I went into the Application Designer and manually created the tab myself.  I won’t go into every step in building the tab, but here is the WOTRACK.xml for you to download.

WOTRACK.xmlWOTRACK.xml (Right Click and Save As)

But if you already have a modified XML file, you probably shouldn’t download this file.  You can simply just copy and paste the XML code below into your exported XML file.  This goes under the <tabgroup id=”maintabs”> node.

<tab id="new_tab" label="Assignments" > <section id="new_section" > <sectionrow id="new_sectionrow" > <sectioncol id="new_sectioncol" > <section id="new_section_2" > <multiparttextbox id="new_multiparttextbox" dataattribute="wonum" inputmode="READONLY" descdataattribute="description" descinputmode="READONLY" /> <textbox id="new_textbox_2" dataattribute="schedstart" inputmode="READONLY" /> <textbox id="new_textbox_3" dataattribute="status" /> </section> </sectioncol> <sectioncol id="new_sectioncol_2" > <section id="new_section_3" > <textbox id="new_textbox_5" dataattribute="parent" inputmode="READONLY" /> <textbox id="new_textbox_4" dataattribute="targstartdate" inputmode="READONLY" /> </section> </sectioncol> </sectionrow> </section> <table id="new_table" label="Assignments" relationship="SHOWASSIGNMENT" norowsmsg="No Assignments Found" beanclass="psdi.webclient.beans.workorder.AssignmentBean" > <buttongroup id="new_buttongroup" > <pushbutton id="new_buttongroup_ctrl_pushbutton" label="Add New Assignment" mxevent="addrow" /> </buttongroup> <tablebody id="new_table_ctrl_tablebody" displayrowsperpage="10" > <tablecol id="new_table_ctrl_tablecol" filterable="false" type="EVENT" mxevent="toggledetailstate" mxevent_desc="Show Detail" sortable="false" > </tablecol> <tablecol id="new_tablecol_3" dataattribute="LABORCODE" menutype="laborcraftrate" lookup="LABORCRAFTRATE" > </tablecol> <tablecol id="new_tablecol_4" dataattribute="LABOR.PERSON.DISPLAYNAME" inputmode="READONLY" longdescreadonly="true" > </tablecol> <tablecol id="new_tablecol_5" dataattribute="craft" longdescreadonly="true" lookup="CRAFTSTANDARDRATE" menutype="normal" > </tablecol> <tablecol id="new_tablecol_6" dataattribute="skilllevel" menutype="craftrate" lookup="laborcraftrate" > </tablecol> <tablecol id="new_tablecol_7" type="EVENT" mxevent="complete" mxevent_desc="Complete Assignment" mxevent_icon="nav_icon_finish.gif" filterable="false" sortable="false" > </tablecol> <tablecol id="new_tablecol_8" dataattribute="status" > </tablecol> <tablecol id="new_tablecol_9" dataattribute="laborhrs" > </tablecol> <tablecol id="new_tablecol_12" type="EVENT" mxevent="toggledeleterow" mxevent_desc="Mark Row for Delete" mxevent_icon="btn_garbage.gif" filterable="false" sortable="false" > </tablecol> </tablebody> <tabledetails id="new_table_ctrl_tabledetails" > <section id="new_section_4" > <sectionrow id="new_sectionrow_2" > <sectioncol id="new_sectioncol_3" > <section id="new_section_5" > <multiparttextbox id="new_multiparttextbox_3" dataattribute="laborcode" descdataattribute="LABOR.PERSON.DISPLAYNAME" menutype="laborcraftrate" lookup="laborcraftrate" longdescinputmode="READONLY" descinputmode="READONLY" /> <multiparttextbox id="new_multiparttextbox_4" dataattribute="craft" descdataattribute="craft.description" menutype="normal" lookup="CRAFTSTANDARDRATE" descinputmode="READONLY" /> <multiparttextbox id="new_multiparttextbox_2" dataattribute="skilllevel" descdataattribute="craftskill.description" descinputmode="READONLY" lookup="CRAFTSTANDARDRATE" longdescinputmode="READONLY" /> </section> </sectioncol> <sectioncol id="new_sectionrow_2_ctrl_sectioncol" > <section id="new_section_6" > <textbox id="new_textbox_8" dataattribute="startdate" /> <textbox id="new_textbox_11" dataattribute="finishdate" /> <textbox id="new_textbox_9" dataattribute="status" /> <textbox id="new_textbox_10" dataattribute="workorder.taskid" /> </section> </sectioncol> </sectionrow> </section> </tabledetails> </table> </tab>

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