Reflective Solutions announce the latest release of StressTester(tm)

StressTester™ 7.6 and the new version of StressTester™ for Maximo® are both now available for trial download and purchase.

The new release of StressTester is testament to Reflective Solutions’ commitment to assuring application performance.

This update enables load and performance testing to be conducted even more realistically, accurately, quickly and simply. Additional flexibility, technology support and improved performance problem diagnosis also contribute to StressTester 7.6 being a highly anticipated release.

Key new features and upgrades are detailed below.

New Quick Run

Quick Run is the StressTester feature that allows you to test a User Journey being configured, and simulate one user executing one iteration.

This feature has been completely redeveloped to make it easier to see application responses as they are received, and to quickly identify any problems and their causes. The improved Quick Run feature includes fast and powerful facilities to compare application requests and responses recorded during the Quick Run with those captured when the User Journey was recorded.

Browser Profiles – Improved Browser Simulation

Browser Profiles allow you to instruct StressTester to simulate different browsers when performance testing an application. This ability has always existed in StressTester, and has now been improved and simplified.

Browser Profiles are important, as different browsers send different headers to web servers, open differing numbers of connections, etc. StressTester makes it easy to create tests where certain percentages of users for each User Journey are simulated using various browsers, defined by you.

In addition, Reflective Solutions will provide a free monthly update containing real-world browser usage data. These browser usage percentages are sourced from the World Internet Monitoring site and allow you to ensure that the load you simulate truly represents browser usage in the real world.

User Communities

User Communities are used to define a mix of browser profiles that should be simulated for a set of concurrent users. StressTester is supplied with one or more pre-defined User Communities.

Conditional Flow Control

This feature allows the default path through the User Journey to be altered at run time. Flow Control has been improved to allow specification with the use of conditional operators (AND, OR, NOT etc). This allows any user thought or decision process to be correctly simulated.

NTLMv2 Support

StressTester now fully supports the recording and playback of UJs against applications that use version 2 of NT LAN Manager. StressTester is confirmed to work with the latest Microsoft Applications such as SharePoint.

Support for Authenticating Proxies

StressTester now also fully supports the recording and playback of User Journeys that use proxies requiring authentication.

Improved Diagnosis of Monitoring Problems

Your monitoring configuration set up within the StressTester GUI can now be tested at the click of a button, without the need to execute a full performance test, through this newly introduced feature. Problem detection and diagnosis has also been improved, enabling even faster resolution to performance problems.


About Reflective Solutions Ltd

Reflective Solutions Ltd was formed in 1998 as a specialist application performance testing consultancy, and has been assuring application performance ever since. Reflective designed and developed StressTester™ and Sentinel with the aim of reducing the costs and timescales traditionally associated with performance testing, monitoring and diagnosis of web applications and IBM Maximo® systems.

StressTester is an enterprise class performance testing tool, capable of providing comprehensive, in-depth analysis of any web application or Maximo system’s performance, scalability and load capacity.

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