EZMaxMobile Solves the Toughest “Paperless” Challenge for Maximo Mobile Work Management

EZMaxMobile, a leader in mobile asset management for IBM Maximo, has helped Pima County solve the greatest challenge of our time by going from a paper-based system to a more efficient electronic system for tracking and documenting assets, work orders, inventory, labor, warranties and asset life cycle costs.

Pima County is now an industry leader in using state-of-the-art technology for improved operational efficiency in its goal to contribute to water resource sustainability by providing clean and safe water while protecting the public health safety and environment and meeting all regulatory requirements mandated by the state and federal agencies.  The Regional Optimization Master Plan (ROMP) will contribute to a cleaner environment through “recovery and reuse treatment byproducts in a cost effective manner”.

The first step is to identify areas of improvement by collecting report data that can identify current processes and inefficiencies, establish performance goals and identify opportunities for improvement.  Pima County needed to improve its ability to identify critical assets, prioritize repairs and manage its equipment maintenance program more efficiently.

The challenge is to integrate IBM Maximo, AMS, and SCADA so they can integrate smoothly and efficiently.  This successful interface helped the county move from a manual paper-based system to an electronic system for “tracking and documenting equipment repairs, labor spent, warranty, and life cycle costs.”

Managing work orders with EZMaxMobile for IBM Maximo plays a major role in moving to a paperless system.  EZMaxMobile provides cost effective maintenance which is “used to manage work orders, assets, and inventory to reduce down-time while minimizing repair costs.”  The field staff has access to bar code scanning and picture uploads.

Benefits include “reduced equipment down-time, improved operational efficiency, planned maintenance schedules and extended equipment life cycle.”  With the ability of Maximo to calculate reorder points, inventory control is supported by real-time inventory transactions using EZMaxMobile and barcode scanning.  Asset management is enhanced by using EZMaxMobile for asset data collection in the field along with asset tags with barcodes for asset identification with the mobile device.  The overall benefits include “improved record keeping, lower on-hand inventory costs, improved spare part inventory and enhanced accuracy of information.”

Read the full Regional Optimization Master Plan article here.

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